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Thaïlande Thaïlande: Watpikulthong School (DaLaa 6708)


18/08/2024   -   31/08/2024

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EUR 390 i Les frais sont à régler en deux fois:

EUR 150 à payer maintenant.
THB 9500 à payer après confirmation.

Remarque : les frais totaux peuvent varier en fonction des taux bancaires.

Détails sur le projet

18 - 99
Nombre maximum de bénévoles
Encore de la place pour
5 Male + 5 Female
La nourriture végétarienne
Aéroport le plus proche
Hatyai (Hat Yai) (HDY)
Gare routière/ferroviaire la plus proche
Pattalung province/ Kuan Kanun district


1- Provide a non-formal English classes and other fun activities for the students
2- Create teaching materials for teachers and kids
3- Activities with villagers: cleaning the temple area, sport activities, homemade dessert

Logement et nourriture

Volunteers will sleep in the classroom. There will be only some yoga mats, pillows, and mosquito nets. We suggest you bring your own sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, or another yoga mat. It’s ok if you don’t bring any of those, but you need to be sure that you will be comfortable in such condition.

Situation, loisirs

• Laundry: there is a laundromat in the village, or you can also wash your clothes by hands.
• Water supply and electricity: available
• Internet/phone access: there is wifi at school, or you can buy prepaid sim card for a better connection to the internet since the students will be using wifi during the day as well.
• Chamung village is just 17 km away from Khun Khanun town. There are a hospital, ATM, and market.
• Hat Yai, the main city of Southern Thailand, is 2 hours away by mini bus from Khunkanun, Phatthalung province.


Phikulthong School is a very small Buddhism school in Chamuang, Khuan Khanun district, Phatthalung province, Southern Thailand. We got to know this school through the director that we use to work with in his former school. The school director who shares the same values as Dalaa would like to provide the chance for the students to improve their English by using the language in real life with foreign volunteers. There are 162 students in this school. Volunteers can help organize English lessons or other fun activities with the students from kindergarten to Grade 6 (6-12 years old). The English skills of the students are very poor, and they are not familiar with foreigners. Here you can experience the locals’ way of life, exchange your cultures with other volunteers and villagers, and support the children’s education.

Itinéraire vers le point de rendez-vous

Hatyai Airport