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country Belgium: Kaleo 1 CBB03
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18/07/2020 - 1/08/2020
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12 volontaires (4Male / 5female places libres)
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The cottage in Han sur Lesse welcomes families, schools and groups of all kinds throughout the year… Thanks to you, the organization would like to improve the quality of the place, and therefore the atmosphere for the public. Your team will carry out various tasks, mostly outdoors, in order to create spaces where people can gather, meet, interact… You will help to redevelop the surroundings of the cottage by building a barbecue and a picnic area and improving the soccer field. If you work fast, several other small tasks await you, such as the creation of special habitats for insects to enhance the biodiversity of the place.

Logement et nourriture

Your team will be accommodated in the cottage where you will work. Full boarding will be provided during your project and you will sleep in shared rooms (2 rooms with 4 bunk beds and 2 rooms with 6 bunk beds). Each room is equipped with a sink, a toilet and a shower.

Situation, loisirs

Han sur Lesse is a countryside village located in the valley of the River Lesse in an area which attracts many visitors both for its natural beauty and for the nearby caves of Han. The closest train station is 10km away – Rochefort-Jemelle (a bus line operates to the train station – just a 12 minute ride). Belgium is a quite small and cosy country, most cities and nice places are easily reachable by train. Brussels is about 1h45 away from Han sur Lesse.


Created in 1937, the non-profit association "Kaleo" aims to promote youth social tourism by paying particular attention to economically and culturally disadvantaged people and their development. Bringing together the two sectors, Kaleo is recognized as a Youth Organization and Social Tourism Organization and promotes access to leisure and holidays for all, through a pedagogical and fun approach. Kaleo manages a network of more than 30 simple and qualitative accommodations located in different villages in Wallonia, the southern part of Belgium. At the same time, they offer various types of activities (discovery classes, summer courses, annual events, weekends, theme breaks, etc…) with a support service for their organization. Their website (in French, Dutch or English) is available here: By volunteering in this project, you are actively supporting the association in providing non-formal education to a wide variety of youngsters coming from different backgrounds, including people with fewer opportunities (UN SDG 4 Quality education, UN SDG 10 Reduced inequalities).

Point de rendez-vous

The 18th of July at Rochefort-Jemelle train station at 3.00pm:

Commentaires additionnels

Camp Language: English

Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education Reduced Inequalities
Organization Compagnons Bâtisseurs Belgium Âge 18 - 99 Âge
Aéroport/gare internationale le/la plus proche Rochefort-Jemelle train station. Langues parlées English , French
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