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Thaïlande Thaïlande: Koh Sukorn (DaLaa 6709)


01/09/2024   -   14/09/2024

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EUR 390 i Les frais sont à régler en deux fois:

EUR 150 à payer maintenant.
THB 9500 à payer après confirmation.

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Détails sur le projet

18 - 99
Nombre maximum de bénévoles
Encore de la place pour
5 Male + 5 Female
La nourriture végétarienne
Aéroport le plus proche
Trang (TST)
Gare routière/ferroviaire la plus proche


• Working in the rice fields
• Growing vegetables together with village members and kids
• Creating games and activities for children.
• Learning and integrating in the fisherman's lifestyle

Logement et nourriture

Volunteers will stay at the local people house. You will need to bring only a light sleeping bag. We will provide with a small mattress and a mosquito net. The living condition is very simple than you would think. You may find it completely different than in your country. There are basic toilets and showers and a kitchen where volunteers will cook by themselves. They can take turn in daily tasks. The ingredients can be purchased at local grocery stores. It may be helpful if you bring some instant ingredients from home, so that you can share some of your traditional food with other volunteers. (No oven, only a gas and woks or pans). As mentioned, that it’s a Muslim village, so there will be no pork used in cooking.

Situation, loisirs

• Laundry: there are washing machine service in the village
• Water supply and electricity: Available
• Internet/phone access: No Internet cafe, you can buy sim card with internet at the airport
• There are small shops in the village.
• Health center: in the village (hospital on the main land)
• Trang, the province main town is about 1 hour drive from the pier on the main land.
• Clothes worn in the village: You will be living in an area with elderly people and children around so it is appropriate that you dress modestly, for example no short skirts or shorts too far above the knees. Also women should wear tops that cover your shoulders. Bring some cloth that can get dirty as you will work in paddy field. You will learn more about Thai culture at the introduction day so please don’t worry too much. You will quickly learn when it best to dress more informally and when it is important to cover up
• Language: Only few people in the village can speak good English. We will teach you some basic Thai language during the start of your project. Non-verbal communication will be as well essential.


Koh Sukorn is a preserved island of Andaman sea in South Thailand. During this work camp, we will have a chance to join hands with the community members to preserve the local agriculture (rice planting) while we can learn about their way of living. Moreover, we will be creating activities and games with children and young people to open their views and let them learn about international culture together with the volunteers.

Itinéraire vers le point de rendez-vous

11 AM on Sunday 1st of September 2024, at Trang train station or Trang airport