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country United States: Wake Up the Earth VFP-STV08
18/04/2020 - 6/05/2020
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Description: Wake Up the Earth Festival is our biggest festival which takes place on the first Saturday of May every year. This year will be the 42nd festival. The original festival was to celebrate the stopping of a highway being built through our section of Boston. Since then, the festival has raised awareness about the environment, labor issues and other political issues. The volunteers will join the festival committee to organize, publicize and engage the community in the event. They will help prepare signs, banners, costumes, decorations, kids' activities, etc. They will run workshops for children to prepare costumes and props for the parade that starts the festival. Volunteers will help during the event with logistics, set-up, and general support. After the event, the volunteers will be involved with breakdown, clean up and final analysis of the event. We are hoping for volunteers to come to this camp who enjoy art, children’s activities, festivals and community events. There will be a great deal of interaction with children. It will be quite helpful if you have some experience with children. Enthusiasm and positive energy is very important Study Themes: Activism and Community Organizing

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

Volunteers live in pairs with local families close to Spontaneous Celebrations. Accommodations will be communal and space will be shared. Breakfast will be eaten at the host families’ homes or at Spontaneous Celebrations. Volunteers will take turns cooking lunch and dinner for the group at Spontaneous Celebrations and some meals will be provided from community members or restaurants. There is access to laundry nearby or in the homes. Be sure to tell the other volunteers and the co-leaders if you have any special diet needs. Vegetarian options available.

Lage und Freizeit

Location: Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. Jamaica Plain, or "JP" as the locals call it, is a classic "streetcar suburb" that has evolved into one of Boston's most diverse and dynamic neighborhoods. The ethnically diverse area is home to many Latinos, young families, artists, activists and a growing gay and lesbian community. Boston is a popular city in the northeast known for its history, universities, sports teams, and easy access to New York City. Km from New York City: 306 km Km from San Francisco: 4339 km There will be opportunities to explore the city during free time and engage with the community. Leisure activities will be based on volunteer interest. The houses and Spontaneous Celebrations are close to the subway to go downtown. Many community members will be involved in this event and will be helping before and after the event. *****Bring music, games, recipes or other activities to share.******

Wer organisiert das Projekt?

Spontaneous Celebrations is a festival and community arts organization in Boston, Massachusetts committed to art, activism, community, and the environment. Our organization runs two large festivals a year. Spontaneous Celebrations has developed a spirited, successful, and unique approach to community building. Website:


Volunteers should arrive at Boston Logan International Airport. In some cases, someone will be able to pick you up at the airport. Please communicate all flight information in advance at the below emails or call. If you arrive earlier you must find your own accommodations until the project starts. Paula might be able to arrange a homestay one to three days early or after the camp if necessary. Please notify Paula if you are arriving in Boston early and do not have specific accommodation. You must send your arrival details to and Please send the information to both emails. If you have any specific questions, call Paula at 617-543-2534 or send her an email. There will be opportunities to be picked up from the airport, but it is also easy to arrive on the subway. If for some reason you cannot be picked up at the airport, the following are directions to take the subway to the stop which is one block from Spontaneous Celebrations and a few blocks from the host homes. The subway stop closest is called “Stonybrook” and it is on the Orange Line. (the “T” or subway system is broken into four colors.) Make sure you get onto the Orange line to Forest Hills and get off at Stonybrook. When you come out of the station, take a right. Cross the street. The next right is Danforth St. Spontaneous Celebrations is at 40 Danforth St. ** If you need to come by the subway, please let Paula know by phone or email so we can make sure someone is either at Spontaneous Celebrations or can meet you at Stonybrook.


To pay the extra fee, please visit to pay the $150 fee. Select “Custom”, enter the fee, select the category as “Incoming Placement Fee” and then type in your information. Let me know if you have questions.
Organisation Volunteers for Peace (USA) Alter 21 - 99 Alter
Nächster Flughafen Boston Projekt-Sprache(n) English
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