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Turquie Turquie: HELP THEM TO SPEAK-2 (GHD-03)


01/08/2024   -   09/08/2024

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EUR 150

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19 - 99
Nombre maximum de bénévoles
Encore de la place pour
2 Male + 2 Female
La nourriture végétarienne
Accès avec handicap
Aéroport le plus proche
Izmir (IZM)
Gare routière/ferroviaire la plus proche


Practising English with the young participants through daily activities, games and crafts, assisting in the day-to-day running of the camp, helping the leader in day-to-day activities such as landscaping, beach cleaning, etc. These camps are connected to “Let’s Speak English” camps where there will be teenage participants.

Logement et nourriture

Accommodation will be in a tent. Participants must bring their own tents, sleeping bags and mats. Male and female participants will stay in separated tents. 3 meals in a day will be prepared by host NGO volunteers and served with the help of participants but general cleaning work is at the participants responsibility.

Situation, loisirs

The camping area (Sekader Seferihisar Engelliler Alternatif Su Sporları Derneği) is located in the Seferihisar-Doğanbey region of Izmir, Turkey's 3rd biggest city, and is a seaside facility used for orthopedically disabled people to access the sea. The camp site includes a kitchen, shared showers, toilets and an office and is suitable for outdoor activities. Internet connection will be provided on a limited basis at certain times of the day. Boat trip will be organised during the camp on free day but all expenses related to the trip belong to the participant.


SEKADER is a local NGO aiming to socialise disabled people of the area through water sports. They hired a camping site where they teach swimming, canoeing and diving to disabled people. To raise a fund to cover the costs of the camping site they also run a camp to practice English. Good English speakers are invited to spend 8 days with a group of international teenager participants who wish to improve their English.

Itinéraire vers le point de rendez-vous

The camp leaders will be waiting for you at İzmir Airport to take the 1st group until 17:00 and the 2nd group until 20:00 to the campsite. Detailed information will be given in the infosheet. Transfer will be provided free of charge by public transport.


Please don’t forget to bring your tents, sleeping bag and mattress. Volunteers with some experience on teaching, outdoor or table games, music, drama, sport will be preferred. A motivation letter should be sent along with the application form. Applicants will be interviewed via Zoom / Skype / WhatsApp before confirmation.