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country Slovakia: Easy Drawing! (virtual workcamp) OWISL03
20/07/2020 - 27/07/2020
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The participants will learn drawing techniques, how to select a design pattern, make shadows and other interesting tricks important for drawing. The virtual workcamp will be carried out by our ESC volunteer Borja who dedicates hours to this hobby. He has decided to share his knowledge and experience with everybody and maybe it will become your new hobby, too. If you are interested to see Borja´s design in advance, you can check and follow him on his Instagram account @drawingbfr. You will be meeting online on Zoom following days: 20.7.2020 (Monday) 17:00- 18:30 (CEST) 21.7.2020 (Tuesday) 17:00- 18:30 (CEST) 23.7.2020 (Thursday) 17:00- 18:30 (CEST) 24.7.2020 (Friday) 17:00- 18:30 (CEST) 27.7.2020 (Monday) 17:00- 18:30 (CEST)

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

Your own home. It might not be a brand new experience, but hey, you might be missing out on sleeping on hard field beds, sharing a room with the whole workcamp group or having to make a schedule for the showers. Is that really so bad...? Plus, in our virtual workcamp, you might have a chance to see how different homes all over the world look like!

Lage und Freizeit

This workcamp will be taking place entirely online on ZOOM. It is accessible to everybody with a working internet connection. No borders, no visa, no need to travel, so you are saving CO2-emissions which is really nice for our beautiful planet! While it is important to keep physical distance at the moment, we can create social proximity in the digital world.

Weitere Infos

This is a joint project of many workcamps organizations worldwide. We believe that especially in times as challenging as these, it is important to raise our voices for solidarity and international friendship. International workcamps were created 100 years ago to work towards mutual understanding, peace and solidarity beyond borders. Let’s keep this spirit and find new ways to get to know and support each other. This virtual workcamp is organized by different workcamp organizations worldwide as an effort to keep up international volunteering, even if most of us cannot travel right now.


Computer, microphone, webcam, paper, pencil, black ballpeen (or something similar). You can also prepare more materials to draw, if you have.
Organisation INEX Slovakia Alter 18 - 99 Alter
Nächster Flughafen Projekt-Sprache(n) English
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