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country Portugal: Forest Fires - Let's Clean to Preve PT-IPJ 10.6
19/08/2019 - 30/08/2019
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The work to be carried out will be: collection of rubbish, cutting of weeds, control of excessive densities, deforestation of trees near buildings, gathering the cut waste, creating a range of protection against fires.

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

The participants will stay at Hostel EntryFik. The Hostel is working since 2016 and the building was completly reformulated.The participants will sleep in dormitories divided per gender. In the Hostel, we will have a team that clean the accommodation and cook the meals. For more information about hostel, the participants can check Hostel Website: . Meals will be served at the hostel. All special food requirements will be respected if there’s prior information sent by the participants. We will have 5 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and supper).

Wer organisiert das Projekt?

Forest Fires - Let's Clean to Prevent aims to promote environmental education and reflect on the problems of garbage, waste, the cycle of the materials and sustainable growth, through the initiative to clean the forest of the municipality of Fornos de Algodres (in village of Maceira), removing the garbage deposited improperly in green spaces.


Young volunteers should have a proper conduct in performing the tasks during the Camp. In order for the whole group to function properly, the stipulated timetables must be fulfilled
Organisation IPDJ (Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude) Alter 18 - 30 Alter
Nächster Flughafen Projekt-Sprache(n) English
1 (Seiten insgesamt: 1)