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Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan: Youth Volunteer Organization “Leadership” (LSM-01)


01/04/2022   -   01/04/2024

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Free i Fee is paid in two installments:

0 to be paid now.
EUR 250 is to be paid after acceptance.

Note: Total fee can vary depending on bank rates.

Details on the project

17 - 70
Max number of volunteers
Still room for
2 Male + 2 Female
Vegetarian food
Access with disability
Nearest airport
Bishkek (Frunze) (FRU)
Nearest bus/train station
We have small station near the parking in airport to join bus station Bishkek to Karakol. Find for more details in the Directions to Meeting point.


Desirable Skills:
• Website design
• Accounting
• Public Relations
• Media
You will be able to work in the following sphere of activities:
 Assist in the coordination of our youth volunteer and the organization of regular meetings as well as motivation and team-building activities.
 Participate in the organization and implementation of various events.
 Plan and implement short-term international volunteer projects and summer camps together with the program coordinator.
 Get involved in fundraising activities.
 Actively participate in our current projects.
 Hold language courses and discussion clubs.
 Create any PR materials for our organization: possibilities include booklets, mini clips, photo exhibitions, etc.

Accomodation and food

Accommodation: Volunteers will live with a local host family; they will provide a private room and all the necessary conveniences. You will join your host family for breakfast and dinner while lunch will be provided at the office with other members of the Leadership.

Location and leisure

Weekend Excursion: On the weekend volunteers will have an opportunity to visit Karakol town and see its sightseeing. Another option would be to hike up to the nearby Altyn Arashan health resort where you can enjoy natural hot springs.

Project hosted by

Leadership is a non-profit organization bringing together young volunteers with the mission of involving youth in civil society through volunteerism, project design, and cooperation both locally and internationally. Leadership was founded on November 1, 2005, as a youth volunteer organization under the auspices of the public association Leader, a center of civic society initiatives.

Directions to meeting point

We confirm the meeting place when we send the volunteer an invitation to participate in the camp.
From the airport to the avtovokzal in Bishkek (bus station)

Option 1: From the airport, you must go to the avtovokzal (or the bus station), where you will then get on a bus that goes to Karakol. From the airport, you can either take a marshrutka, which is a large van type of public transportation. When exiting the airport, this van will be to the right. There is a small sign with a van/bus on it where it comes. The marshrutka comes about every 30 minutes. The cost is standard 60 com. Just tell the driver avtovokzal" and he will tell you when you are there. The ride is about 20 to 30 minutes. Note: If you ask taxi drivers where the marshrutka is or when its coming, they will all tell you that it doesn’t exist or isn’t working that day to try and get you to take a taxi instead.

Option 2: Option 2 is to take a taxi from the airport to the avtovokzal. This is an easier but more expensive route. A taxi from the airport to the avtovokzal costs about 700 com (for the whole car). So if you plan to meet up with someone, you can share a cab for the price of 700 coms. If you share with a stranger however they will try to charge you 700 coms each. For this option, people usually just hire the entire cab for 800 coms and it will take you straight to the avtovokzal. Note: You must haggle and bargain for taxi's. 800 is the usual price, but they will try to charge foreigners as much as up to 2,000 com and try to get away with that price. You must say 700 com and be confident and walk away if (when) they say no. The taxi driver will then say okay and take the 700, or walk away and find another taxi driver. With a taxi the trip is about 20 minutes.

From the avtovokzal (bus stop) in Bishkek to Karakol:

Option 1: At the bus stop in Bishkek, there are a line of about 15 marshrutka's (large van like types of transportation) each with its own destination. The second van goes to Karakol. It will be parked in the second spot underneath the sign that says Karakol. The standard price is 400 com (no aggling/negotiating required) and it will take you to the bus stop in Karakol. The entire trip is around 6 hours, and it stops half way through at a rest area where people can use the bathroom and grab a snack or bite to eat. If you have to go to the bathroom before then, just ask the driver to stop and they will stop on the side of the road (or a public outhouse if you are very lucky and there is one near). They often have them at gas stations so if you are shy about going behind a bush, tell the driver to stop at the next gas station with a toilet (which will be an outhouse).

Option 2: The second option is a taxi. Some haggling is again required (they won't try to rip you off as much as at the airport, but they might say a price several hundred com above the normal price). Again say you know the price is 600 and they will usually agree to that price. However, in the summer it can be around 600 com and sometimes even up to 700 com. Step wagons (cars with 7 seats) will cost about 600 com, where a car with only 4 seats will cost about 600 coms. Aim for 600, as it is possible. As above, the trip is about 6 hours, maybe slightly faster (I usually take the marshrutka as there isn't much of a difference but its cheaper). The taxi will also stop half way through at a rest stop and will stop alongside the road if you say you need to go to the bathroom (men will just turn away from the road several meters behind the taxi, where women will find a bush to hide behind when a bathroom stop is needed).

Note: Some taxi drivers will drop you off at the avtovokzal in karakol (same as option 1), but some will take you straight to your home address (for no additional cost). This is something that must be negotiated before you leave. Simply ask the driver if they will drive you to the avtovokzal, or all the way to your home.

Additional comments

Why Kyrgyzstan?

We offer unique opportunity for people who are not afraid of travel hardships, adventures, who enjoy hiking, kayaking, swimming in the lake, living in yurt, camping in the mountains and learning new culture and languages.

Our organization is flexible in receiving couples, friends, not upper-limit aged people.

Note: A volunteer is requested to have basic skills working with disabled people, as well as basic Russian or Kyrgyz language skills. New methods/approaches are always welcomed.


Program Requirements
Language: Though the working language of international volunteers is English, at least basic knowledge of Russian is recommended to communicate efficiently with local volunteers and staff members of the organization. Beginner’s Russian/Kyrgyz language lessons are provided in the participation fee. Knowledge of other world languages is welcome; this will enable you to hold language courses with local volunteers and other youth in Karakol.

Other skills: To participate in the program you are expected to have past experience with volunteer work, working as a part of a team, and depending on which project, working with teenagers. For certain projects, it is recommended to bring literature and CDs with language teaching programs. We also expect you to be motivated and to actively participate in your own program’s implementation and evaluation process.

Duration of the Program and Your Schedule
To be admitted you must be able to participate for at least one month while the maximum period of involvement is one year. Your work will range from 6 to 8 hours per day, depending on a mutual agreement and the needs of the host organization. Normally volunteers work Monday through Friday, though special events and activities sometimes require their presence during weekends.

Note: We welcome all volunteers who are enthusiastic, creative, and motivated to work with orphan children. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted during the camp or at the accommodation venues. Smoking is not allowed while volunteers are with children.

Insurance: Volunteers should come with their health and accident insurance.