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country France: Eco Farm ANYM SVI-ANYM
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1/02/2019 - 19/02/2020
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2 volunteers
2 Male / 2 female still needed
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ork Tasks of the volunteer : the volunteer will help to build : Wood structures, roof, and make the inside of the building : Electricity, plumber, floor, painting.. every making knowledge are welcome. The most important point is the team working. But sometimes, te volunteer will also participate to the animation and the care taking of animals. The volunteer will work from 10h to 12h and from 13h to 16h from Wednesday to Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are off days.

Accomodation and food

The volunteer will be accomodated in a host family The breakfast and the dinner will be taking in host family, the lunch is take by the volunteers with all the volunteers.

Location and leisure

The partner association of the SVI have planned to make discover the region of Normandie.

Project hosted by

- The principal idea is to create a discovery farm accessible to everybody. Hybrid between a pedagogic farm and an animal park. - Our main objective is to demonstrate the importance of all living kind in our ecosystem by the sensibilisation at the biodiversity in the animal kind and their preservation - We would like to give to disabled people a formation to make them proud of them. - Enhance 9 species of french horses and finally open a Horse Museum. - The farm will also welcoming animals in difficulty in a lovely place with respect, to find them a hosting family and also do the sensibilisation to abandoned. - Children will be one of the main public in order to make a new generation sensibilised to the importance of the biodiversity. The children will discover in family, school excursion or pedagogic projects.

Meeting point

On appointement

Additional comments

The volunteers must be 16 years old minimum and be motivated to help to build an eco responsible farm.
Organization Service Volontaire International Age 16 - 99 Age
Nearest terminal Languages spoken French , English
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