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16/08/2020 - 29/08/2020
Additional host fee EUR 150
18 volunteers (2Male / 1female still needed)
Already accepted: Germany-flag Italy-flag + more
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During the workcamp, you will take part in different tasks alongside French and local volunteers to improve the space and build environmentaly friendly installations: furniture out of recycled material like wood palettes, systems to collect rain water, etc. You'll also be trained in wood and construction work to help build a new yurt. You will also help to take care of the association's garden.

Accomodation and food

You will sleep in collective tents (yurts, tipis) on the campsite of the association. Please bring a sleeping bag with you. The campsite has bathrooms and showers accessible, as well as a kitchen. Food will be provided, and meals will be cooked by the volunteers in turns.

Location and leisure

Location: La Ferté Alais is approximately 50km south of Paris, in the Essonne region. Note-- this project should not be used as a sightseeing trip to Paris. If you wish to visit Paris, you should arrive some days before or reserve dates following the workcamp. Leisure activities: You will have the opportunity to enjoy all that's offered at the association's campsite and discover the cultural and natural heritage of the region, which is part of a natural park. You will also help organise some activities to meet and socialize with the local young people. Other leisure activities will be organised collectively depending on the wishes of the group and the available budget.

Project hosted by

The town of La Ferté-Alais is located in the Gâtinais regional natural park in the valley of the Essonne river. Having had many experiences in the past hosting international workcamps, La Ferté-Alais is very commited to these projects that celebrate the local heritage, engage the local youth, and inject some vibrancy into the community. Since 2018, in partnership with the town, the association Vir'Volt has run an international hosting site where young people from different countries come to work and live together. The association wishes to use the center as a place to raise awareness about environmental protection, implement eco-friendly practices, and organise activities with local youth. With this project, you will be actively working for the Sustainable Development Goal n°12 from the United Nations: Responsible production and consumption

Meeting point

La Ferté Alais RER station in the end of the afternoon

Additional comments

The participation fee for teenager workcamps will be 150€ to be paid at least 3 weeks before the workcamp by bank transfer for EU citizens or in cash on arrival for non EU citizens.

Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible Consumption and Production
Organization Solidarites Jeunesses Age 15 - 17 Age
Nearest terminal La Ferté Alais RER station Languages spoken English
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