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country Spain: La Garrofera ESDA-MTV 0119
1/03/2019 - 1/03/2020
Extra-Gebühr EUR 30
4 Freiwillige
2 Male / 2 female noch gesucht
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Work will be mainly MANUAL and will be determinated by the circumstances. Here are some example of tasks to be done: - Bioconstruction house for guests - The stonewalls of the terraces have to be renovated - Reconstruction of the house and creating eco friendly constructions and infrstructures - The ground has to be covered with mulch to protect it from drying out - To save water we want to change the irrigation system for a drip irrigation system - We always have to clean and repair our spring which supplies us with fresh springwater, and we need to construct a grey water recycling system - For fertilizing we make our own emulsion and we produce a lot mulch with the remains of tree-cuts - Our objective is to be mainly self sufficient so we would like to develop a bigger vegetable garden and to have animals as sheep in the future

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

Accomodation will be basic in a tipi. Host provides organic meals, fresh out of our ecological garden with breakfast, lunch, and dinner . We ask for a minimum stay of 30 days. In our experience it often takes volunteers a more then two weeks to feel fully connected to the vision of the project as well as the vibe of the finca and surrounding community, so volunteers interested in staying longer than 30 days are very happily welcome.

Lage und Freizeit

Garrofera is a VERY ISOLATED land 10 km away from Sella . You can feel the philosophy for the following text: " We understand that we are part of a larger ecosystem, of which all the species of planet Earth are part (which belongs to an even greater system) including the species of the "Garrofera. The place where our project begins, it is a place that was and abandon cultivated land where Carob Tree was able to surviveand turned the place into a carob tree area (Garrofera) And that's why we want to be a being, to be beautiful and to be connected with oneself and with other major and minor systems, so that we enjoy life, while living the experiences that life brings to you in the day to day." Apart from taking part in the Workshps organised by the association you can practise climbing and there are plenty of trails to enjoy trecking as well and a natural pond to swimm. Close to the place you can find the opposite type of spots such as Benidorm or Altea, as touristic developed towns which you may visit in your spare time, if you need so.

Wer organisiert das Projekt?

Garrofera is an experiential centre for the study and application of sustainable living techniques. run mainly by a family (Ana and Kain) based on PERMACULTURE and HOLISTIC philosophy. SEE: The project is based on four principles or missions: 1) Connection of Body and Nature.- 2) Learning.- 3) Community.- 4) Economical self sufficiency The Centre is an opening system of projects that act generating initiatives and consolidating the interrelation of local economic flows.The system is based on the principles of self-sufficiency, equity and wealth at local and regional level, beyond our farm. The project is all about creating an ecologically conscious and family-oriented community space close to the beautiful coastline of Alicante untouched by tourism. Garrofera is a new project so there is a lot of exciting work to be done and the opportunity to really see how each day's work greatly contributes to the overall beauty and functionality of the project. As the project continues to develop so does the work, so we ask volunteers to have an open mind, peaceful attitude, and a hardworking spirit. Most of the work will be in the gardens and construction and participating in the dayly COMMUNITY life

Weitere Infos

Garrofera project is MAINLY a CULTURAL and PERSONAL EXPERIENCE for volunteers, to be able to live under hard, integrist, ecological, spiritual conditions. Dont try to change the place but integrate: just experience the brights and shades. This community offers as a radical alternative to conventional life and try to learn as much as you can from it.


We would love to host volunteers with knowledge and experience in gardening or construction, or anyone interested in learning more about these skills as well as how to live in community with others. In joining this project not only will volunteers have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of permaculture and the inner workings of an eco project but they will also be welcomed into a super friendly and forward thinking group of people which includes other volunteers and the many friends of the finca. VOLUNTEERS are asked to stay a minimun of 4 weeks and they will be ask to renovate their participation till the limit they want. Communication in English Will be somehow difficult while Spanish Will be the main language
Organisation De Amicitia Alter 18 - 99 Alter
Nächster Flughafen Projekt-Sprache(n) Spanish
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