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Deutschland Deutschland: flood support - castle - kids - community (IBG MTV02)


15/08/2021   -   15/09/2021

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In this project you will be active in the Brohl Valley, a valley south of Bonn. The valley is very close to the Ahr valley which was massively destroyed by the flood. There were many deaths there, the entire infrastructural structure was destroyed, some villages will probably never be rebuilt..
Therefore we will also support people affected by the flood. The concrete tasks cannot be named here today, but two directions of support are possible for the international volunteers: on the one hand, concrete clean-up work on buildings and facilities that have not been a priority so far (playgrounds, cemeteries, youth facilities, etc.) and, on the other hand, care services for the children whose parents are helping with clean-up work in the neighbouring valley. It is holiday time and the helpers are not allowed to bring children into the disaster area. In addition there will be other tasks for you: In the first two weeks, you will work together with other local and international volunteers at the Olbrück castle ruins. The castle ruins are a magical place, you will feel transported back in time. Actually, the ruins are used for cultural events, but last year they had to be closed to visitors for safety reasons. Under the guidance of local craftsmen, you will be able to access it safely again: In concrete terms, this means:

  • Renew mortar joints
  • Reinserting stones that have broken out into the walls
  • clearing the walls of overgrowth
  • close off the tops of the walls so that the frost cannot cause any further damage in the coming winter.
    In the second half of the project, the focus is on the children in the neighbouring village of Oberzissen. Together with other international and local volunteers, you will:
  • Renovate the metal railings between footpaths and streams so that children play safely and do not fall into the stream.
  • Create exciting play and adventure opportunities for children. The local kindergarten is currently developing ideas here with the children, which will then be implemented by you with the children.
    For two reasons it is important to combine supporting activities for flood victims with other tasks. 1. We have always to wait for a concrete support request to be sure not to interfere with other helpers and 2. The people in the villages are still in shock and for them it is a small piece of normality when they can also work on other things with international volunteers.

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

The first two weeks you will stay with other volunteers in the village community centre of Hain, the hamlet on the foot of the castle. All facilities are provided. The second half of the project you will be accommodated in the sportsclub of the neighbouring village Oberzissen. Here also all facitilities are provided. In between you will have two days off, which you can either use to travel a bit or you can relax and IBG will organise a local home stay programme.

Lage und Freizeit

Oberzissen and Hain are villages with 1.100 respectilvly 300 inhabitants not far from the city of Bonn. In the villages you willnot find much infrastructure (Beside of pubs and local associations) but – most importantly – many friendly people. A historic railway leads through the villages with a real steam engine running on weekends. The villages are surrounded by a beautiful landscape, so in your free time you can go hiking, discover nature, have barbecues, and get to know the local inhabitants during different activities together. You can find the closest supermarkets in the next village close-by. You will spend most of your time with the people in Hain and Oberzissen, but you will enjoy a few excursions - maybe to the Rhine valley or to Bonn or Cologne.