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Deutschland Deutschland: Forest School Indelhausen (IBG 01)


06/03/2022   -   18/03/2022

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In this workcamp, you will support the forest school “Waldschulheim Indelhausen”, a place of non-formal environmental education for school classes.
You will take part in the Forest school's program. This means:
• in the mornings, you will be working on different environmental tasks to help maintain the surrounding biosphere area;
• in the afternoons, you will be learning more about forests and the nature surrounding us.
This is a special project for nature lovers and people interested in learning about nature protection work. The project is part of the 2022 IBG agenda: “Let’s take action for climate protection – volunteering for forests and peatlands”.

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

You will be accommodated in shared rooms directly in the forest school. There are showers and bathroom facilities, as well as a gym hall, a volleyball court, table tennis tables and two climbing walls. Meals will be provided by the school, so you don't have to cook by yourself.

Lage und Freizeit

The “Waldschulheim” is located in the small village of Indelhausen in the middle of a geopark and at the southern end of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Schwaebische Alb” in southern Germany. This area features diverse mountainous and cultural landscapes, protected ecosystems with rare plants and animals and notable forest, meadow and orchard habitats. In line with our efforts to focus on workcamps within the field of nature protection the region is highly suitable. The surroundings are perfect for outdoors activities like hiking. It is very rural, and there are many great view-points and various old castle ruins that are worth visiting.

Wer organisiert das Projekt?

The forest school “Waldschulheim Indelhausen” is a pedagogical institution founded in 1977. The building used to be the village school and now serves 1,000 students and teachers every year as a non-formal learning place on the topic of forest and nature. Groups of students of the grades 7 to 9 of all school types usually stay here for two weeks and participate in different tasks of simple forest work, an educational program about the forest and excursions as well as games, fun and sports. You can take a look at the place here: By participating in this workcamp, you are actively supporting biodiversity (UN SDG 15) and help us work against climate change (UN SDG 13).

Weitere Infos

The conservation work we are doing in such workcamps is our small contribution for climate protection. The engagement of international volunteers also has a symbolic character, in the sense that although environmental protection is implemented on a local level, it always has an international dimension.

As part of our agenda we would like to invite you to travel as environmentally friendly as possible. If you somehow have the option to go by train, bus or bicycle that could be a first step to become a climate steward.

Sustainable Development Goals

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