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Allemagne Allemagne: Queeeeeer Camp (VJF/ESC24 3.10)


23/07/2024   -   06/08/2024

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18 - 30
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La nourriture végétarienne
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Berlin (BER)
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As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, most people had to face discrimination in their life. We would like to invite participants who identifying as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and allies who are interested in the topic of this camp to join our Queer Camp in Berlin 2024. We will give you great insights of the queer culture of the city, show you exhibitions and places of historical value, look into the history and current situation of the LGBTQ+ in Germany and get empowered by our workshops: how to tackle homophobia. This workcamp has the goal to empower the participants and pave the way for participation in democratic societies. Never done drag? There is your opportunity, we will give a special workshop about the drag culture where you can become a drag queen/king for a day with a show. We plan to visit a former concentration camp, where especially queer people were kept. We will also visit different organizations to see behind the curtains how empowerment and their association tackle discrimination, The participants will go to different events on the topic of sexual minorities living in a heteronormative society and plan to have a dialogue with the German governmental representative for the LGBTQ+ community. And there is much more to come. We cooperate with many different organization to make this an unique experience.

The Queeeeeer Camp will happen during the CSD 2024 here in Berlin.

Berlin is a great place when identifying as queer, sign up for this unique experience and get your suitcase packed,

The rainbow city Berlin is calling you.

Logement et nourriture

You will live at Kubiz Berlin in Weißensee Berlin during the first week and after at our youth center VJF Begegungsstätte at Krimnitzer Weg 25. The centre is used as accommodation for different groups of young people and a sort of holiday resort for school classes and groups. You will sleep in shared bedrooms. You don’t need to bring a sleeping bag with you, bed linen will be provided. There is no washing machine and only limited internet access. 
You will have the chance to prepare your own meals in a small kitchen at the centre. Please bring your own recipes for our international evenings.

Situation, loisirs

the participants can organize their leisure time and enjoy the many opportunities the capital of Germany has to offer.


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