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Hongrie Hongrie: Bankito Festival 2024 (EGY-24-09)


05/07/2024   -   15/07/2024

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EUR 150

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18 - 50
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8 Male + 0 Female
La nourriture végétarienne
Aéroport le plus proche
Budapest (BUD)
Gare routière/ferroviaire la plus proche
Újpest-Városkapu, Budapest, 1138, Hungary at 5 pm.


We are looking for volunteers to help run the festival through its preparational works (July 5-15). The volunteers will do construction work, drilling/heavy objects, etc. Work equipment will be provided. After the preparational work, you’ll be free to enjoy the festival and take part in all events.

Logement et nourriture

You will live in tents during the festival and you are asked to bring your own tent (we can provide some if needed). We provide 2 meals/day for you (hot meals for lunch and breakfast). A vegetarian option is available. We provide all equipment needed to fulfill your tasks.

Situation, loisirs

Bánk is a tiny village in Nógrád County with its not-so-tiny Lake Bánk in the middle. It has everything a tiny village built around a lake could need: a small store, a tobacco shop, a pizza place, a pub, some hotels, motels and a lakeshore eatery. Plus the extremely friendly locals. Bánkitó Festival has been in town for 12 years, mostly around the Lakeshore and the Camp, though throughout the years, we ventured out to settle around the Reeds and the Meadow. Besides the lake, the small wooden cabins and the venues hiding around small clearings throughout the enclosing forest make Bánkitó the festival it is.


Bánkitó is Hungary’s biggest independent, socially conscious, cultural and community festival with a wide range of programmes throughout its three days (10-13 July 2024) in the summer from music through theatre to contemporary art. The festival is located in the countryside and hosts 8000 visitors each year. It offers concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, civil initiatives, workshops, and round-table discussions about social justice issues, human rights, and the experiences and cultures of minorities. It takes place at Bánkitó, a small Hungarian village 60kms away from Budapest.
The music at the festival is progressive, contemporary, and constantly renewing, with the newest and most exciting bands of the Hungarian music scene. The civil/cultural programs always poke at important and actual topics, working towards understanding society’s issues with activists from NGOs, musicians, actors, and artists. Contemporary Hungarian theatre pieces will be showcased, and Hungary’s most exciting contemporary artists will transform the shores of Lake Bánk into an art exhibition.

Itinéraire vers le point de rendez-vous

You need to travel by train from Budapest to Bánk. The easiest way is to go to “Újpest Városkapu” in Budapest, where you can start a journey to Rétság then change a bus there to Bánk. There is almost every hour a bus, but we suggest to arrive the latest to Újpest at 5 pm. It takes around 1 hour from the airport to Újpest-Városkapú by the airport bus and metro (M3), plus 1,5 hours to Bánk.

Commentaires additionnels

The programme of the festival is always organized around a common theme. In 2024, the topic will be Mind-Splitting. This year, the Bánkitó Festival explores how we perceive the world we live in. Are you frustrated by too much information and yet you're indecisive? War or terrorism? Meat or vegetables? Who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed? Left or centre? Let's not even talk about the right. Activism, or are you over it? Go with fashion or go against it? But isn't it fashion to go against fashion? It must be normal to feel like you have seven selves at once. But what's normal? The theme of this year's Bánkito Festival is mind-splitting.


You should be fit enough for physically demanding work. No special documentation is necessary. No COVID-19 vaccine requirements. No language requirements, but we require a way to communicate with the organizers in Hungarian or English. Please bring clothes that you won’t regret getting dirty during construction, your sleeping bag and personal medicine.

Please send us a motivation letter focusing on why you would choose to work on the festival, and what kind of related skills or previous experiences you have had at the chosen field, for example doing physical work (construction and demolition) on warm summer days. You do not need any special skills to volunteer at the festival.