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country Czech Republic: BACK TO NATURE SDA 407
19/08/2018 - 8/09/2018
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You will work in a nature reserve about 3 km from the campsite (you will walk there on foot). The main work will consist of cutting grass on protected meadows, raking and collecting grass. This work is physically demanding but on fresh air. As the meadows can be very wet, bring waterproof working shoes (or rubber boots), rain-gear and gloves. You will also work directly in the campsite on maintenance tasks which can include repairing fences, preparing garden beds for winter, working in the nearby forest and other manual work. At the end of the workcamp you will help to dismantle the campsite and to transport all the material to Prague where it will be stored during winter. Study part: Evening discussions about environmental and intercultural topics, learning to recognize stars, watching wild animals. A visit to nature reservations in the neighbourhood can be planned. As you are living in close contact with the nature you will improve your camping skills as well.

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

In tee-pees (Indian tents with a fireplace in the centre) on wooden pads. You will cook together as a group on a fireplace. The food is only vegetarian. Nights in the forest are very cold, even frosty, so bring a very warm sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, an extra blanket and/or sheet to cover a hay mattress. You will wash yourself in a stream with cold water next to the camp, toilets are outdoor and dry.

Lage und Freizeit

GPS coordinates: 49(43 11 N, 12(26 19 E. The campsite in the valley of the Celni stream, an isolated part of the village of Lesna in the Bohemian Forest near the German border. The nearest bus stop is Stara Knizeci Hut and the nearest bigger town is Tachov.Hiking in the surrounding countryside. Trips to Czech towns in the neighbourhood (e.g. Marianske Lazne) and as the project is situated directly at the border on Germany, a trip to Germany can be organized as well. In your free time, you can play games, experience Indian sauna and try out archery. Meeting point: Stara Knizeci Hut, part of the village Lesna. The public transport to Stara Knizeci Hut during summer holidays is very limited – there is only few connections from Prague on 19th August – the last train leaves Prague train station at 8:33 a.m. and arrives in Stara Knizeci Hut at 13:30 so it is strongly recommended to arrive in Prague one day before the workcamp starts to make it on time. Detailed travel advice will be provided in the infosheet.

Wer organisiert das Projekt?

The workcamp is organized in co-operation with the Czech national section of EUROSOLAR and Nature Conservation Agency. EUROSOLAR promotes renewable energies, sustainable lifestyle and engages in youth environmental education. The workcamp takes place in an abandoned but exceptionally beautiful, hilly area of Bohemian Forest, near the western border of the Czech Republic. The campsite is totally isolated from civilization (the nearest Czech village is 11 km away) and we welcome volunteers that are fond of trying out a basic lifestyle in the forest and do not mind longer walks. This year the workcamp will be organised for 19th time The goal is to help maintain meadows in the nature protected area and maintain the campsite.


This camp is perfect for volunteers who want to enjoy living and working in basic conditions in close touch with nature. If you are ready for this, this amazing experience is waiting for you This project is not suitable for people with hay allergies. There is a strict no alcohol and drugs policy in the campsite. Please note that last three days are dedicated to dismantling the campsite and transporting all the material to Prague. Volunteers will be divided in groups helping with different stages of moving i some will travel to Prague by van and car, some by bus. All the volunteers will meet again in Prague on 7th Sept. in the evening. Accommodation in Prague will be provided. The departure day is 8th September, please arrange your travel plans accordingly.
Organisation INEX-SDA Alter 18 - 99 Alter
Nächster Flughafen Stara Knizeci Hut Projekt-Sprache(n) English , English
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