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country Belgium: Ecole de Cleirheid JAVVA MTV 20 01
4/05/2020 - 1/08/2020
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We invite mid-term volunteers to give their support to the multiple tasks which will help the school to organize its numerous summer camps and meet kids from different ages and multiple backgrounds. The aim of this volunteering project is to integrate the animation team of Clerheid. Which means helping us to prepare and facilitate our activities during the school trips and the summer camps we host. We propose several kind of stay (circus, philosophy & nature, strolling camp, …) with kids from 4 to 13. Volunteers will be asked to animate games, take part in vigils and help us create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. Musicians, singers, acrobats, ventriloquist or any other kind of artist are warmly welcome. We also wish the volunteers to share with us the daily life of the school and tasks such as: • Taking care of our animals (2 horses, 2 donkeys, 2 goats, some sheeps and some chicken) • Helping with the gardening and farming work • Helping with renovation work of our wooden buildings In June, we will host an international workcamp of 2 weeks which will support us in the preparation of the summer camps. Mid-term volunteers will therefore be working with this group building fences, haymaking, build, repair or renovate wooden constructions, … There will also be the opportunity of working in the Wooden Village which hosts hundreds of kids every year. This enchanting place is the result of the imagination of generations of kids and leader. Over 2 hectare of forest, you can now find there more than 20 cabins, a bridge, an amphitheatre all wooden and hand made. Tasks are fairly diverse in order to make sure everyone can find a place to fit in.

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

Volunteers will live in a small cottage, with a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms (2 x 4 beds), as well as in a dormitory with a bathroom. This space will be shared with the volunteers of the international workcamp and might be shared with some visitors such as camp leaders. Please bring your sleeping bag. Volunteers will either take their meals with groups during the camps or cook by themselves in the kitchen at their disposal in the cottage.

Lage und Freizeit

Clerheid School is located in a hamlet in the province of Luxembourg, in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. The domain is located between 350 and 550 meters of altitude, away from major roads on a crest of the Ardennes. Cleirheid School is isolated and it is not reachable by public transports. The closest town, Marche-en-Famenne, is 30 minutes away by car.

Wer organisiert das Projekt?

Clerheid School is recognized by the French Community of Belgium as meeting and accommodation centre offering school camps and holidays camps for kids and teenagers. Most activities take place in the frame of a one-week camp. Educational priorities of Clerheid School : • To encourage wonderment, peace, respect of life and what allows life • To stimulate solidarity learning and caring of each other • To give priority to fulfilment and welcome every child, each youngster no matter their origin, philosophy, age, character • To encourage a good understanding of freedom • To raise consciousness about art, responsibility and initiative • To be extra demanding about enthusiastic motivation of all • To develop critical thinking skills More information (FR) on


Train station of Bomal the 4th of May


This project is designed for nature lovers who are willing to interact with children as there will be camps and activities with kids organised during the workcamp. Applicants should know that Cleirheid School is located in a very remote area which is not served by public transport. There will be very limited access to Internet and a phone in the office of the organisation. In order to preserve conviviality and harmony within the groups, we wish the project to be alcohol-free, as are all of our activities.
Organisation JAVVA Alter 18 - 99 Alter
Nächster Flughafen We encourage all our volunteers to prefer "green forms of transport" to go on their volunteering project. Paying attention to its carbon footprint is also international solidarity :) Think about cycling or hitch-hiking! Do not hesitate to look at the side of bus companies, carpooling or train companies. The nearest train station is Bomal. Train times on Projekt-Sprache(n) English , French
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