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Belgium Belgium: Marsinne Folk Music Festival (JAVVA 22-04)


05/09/2022   -   15/09/2022

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18 - 99
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Vegetarian food
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Brussels (Bruxelles) (BRU)
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We encourage all our volunteers to prefer “ecofriendly transportation” to come on their volunteering project. So think twice and come by bike or hitchhike until your project! Do not hesitate to have look on bus companies, car sharing companies or trains. Train timetables on They are Brussels International Airport (Zaventem) or Brussels South Airport (Charleroi) closed by. * In order to be coherent with the project's topic, we encourage volunteers to offset the CO2-emissions related to their place trip via, for example


Volunteers will help on several aspects of the festival logistics, such as meals preparation for the entire team of the festival, assembling and dismantling of tents and structures, building and putting up the decorations, stage-managing, transport and unloading of material, installation of the market area, waste management,... Volunteers will work with all people working on the festival (technicians, stage managers, facilitators, organizers, cooks...).

Hard physical work will be asked to volunteers so it is important to take this into account. Volunteers will also have lighter tasks like meal preparation, waste management, decorations,... The festival will take place from September 9th to September 11th 2022.

Accomodation and food

Volunteers will sleep in tents during the workcamp. The living conditions are rudimentary close to conditions of a “scout camp”. Please bring your sleeping bag, mattress and toiletries. Nights can be very cold in Belgium.

Before and after the festival, meals will be taken with the diverse teams of the festival. Sandwiches will be prepared for lunch and a warm meal for dinner. During the festival, volunteers will receive meal tickets to get warm meals from the caterer of the site.

Location and leisure

The castle-farm of Marsinne, built in the XII century, is located in the old village of Couthuin (Commune of Héron), in the Province of Liège in Wallonia in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. The site of the festival is about 10km away from the city of Huy and 40km away from the city of Liège. The caste-farm hosts also a brewery that produce a craft beer: the «Léopold 7».

Project hosted by

Centre Culturel de Huy
Avenue Delchambre, 7a
4500 Huy

Directions to meeting point

at Andenne train station on 05/09.

Additional comments

We aim to encourage the participation of asylum seekers living in Belgium on this workcamp


It is also important to take into account the fact that the organisation of a festival might be subject to last minutes changes or unforeseen events (for example: the truck to unload doesn’t show up at the predicted time, a technical issue will delay the assembly of a stage,...). We are therefore expecting volunteers to be flexible and understanding in this kind of situation.

Please bring good working shoes, gloves, clothes that can get dirty and a raincoat in case of rainy weather (+ sleeping bag & mattress). If you have a music instrument or juggling material, feel free to bring it! and your dancing outfit !

One or two evening will be organize to initiate volunteers to folk dances.