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Danmark Danmark: Build-it Festival 2023 (MS03)


28/06/2023   -   21/07/2023

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DKK 1900

Detaljer om projektet

18 - 45
Maks. antal frivillige
Stadig plads til
Nærmeste lufthavn
Aalborg (AAL)
Nærmeste bus-/togstation
Ebeltoft Bus Station


The aim of the Work Camp is to help create the best possible Build-it Festival.

Day 1-12: During this period, the volunteers will be setting up the festival by sorting wood, moving materials around, and making signs and decorations for the festival. You will also be working in the building area, bar, outdoor kitchen, dishwashing area, toilets, sleeping area, and music stage. During this period, the volunteers will take turns in cooking for each other.

Day 13-18: During this week, the festival will take place. You will be working in different areas of responsibility. The areas are ”check-in zone,” “kitchen”, “tool shop” and “many hats”. There will be a possibility for you to create your own workshop too and to build something. You will be able to enjoy all concerts every night, we have a lot of nice music planned - especially if you like to dance. The festival will also need one or two volunteers to work with taking photos and videos for social media posts.

Day 20-23: During this week, you will be taking the festival apart, and cleaning up the festival area. Focus on zero waste and sustainability means that you will be saving building projects for next year's festival. You will also be evaluating the Work Camp stay and the festival in general.

Days off: day 1, day 5, day 9, day 12, day 16, day 19, day 23 (evaluation and fare-well party)

Kost og logi

Everyone should bring a minimum of a sleeping bag and a pillow. We offer tents or a big common sleeping room only for international volunteers.

Everyone will take part in cooking, according to a plan we decided on together, as part of the work you will do during your stay. During the festival, we will have food served three times a day. All meals are vegan or vegetarian. Drinks can be purchased on-site at discounted prices during the entire stay.

Bathroom Facilities:
We have washing machines for free, kitchen facilities, toilets, and showers. The beach is located just a few hundred meters from the sleeping area and is lovely during summer.

Beliggenhed og fritid

The festival is located by the sea, in the countryside, but only five km. from Ebeltoft – a lovely small city known as a great tourist destination.

In your spare time, there are many things to do and see, and you can borrow a bike to explore the surrounding area. We cannot guarantee bikes for everyone at the same time, so you might need to share. Some days it might be possible to borrow a car to take a trip. Mols National Park or Denmark's second-largest city, Aarhus is possible to visit.

Your Work Camp leaders will help you and the group with organizing activities in your spare time. It is free to enjoy the beautiful nature of Ebeltoft, but some activities might require an extra charge. The host will not cover additional charges.

Arrangeret af

The Build-It Festival is a unique and interesting event that combines hands-on building activities with a focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. By giving attendees the opportunity to learn new skills and create something from recycled materials, the festival not only provides a fun and creative experience but also helps promote the importance of reducing waste and conserving resources.

In addition to the building activities, the festival also features music and concerts, workshops, talks, and camping by the sea. It's a perfect escape from the city and an opportunity to connect with people. Last year, the festival saw 800 attendees, and this year the organizers are hoping for even more.

The Build-it Festival is made possible by a dedicated crew and many volunteers. During the festival week, all attendees help, which creates a unique co-ownership of the festival and the overall festival experience. Furthermore, the festival is located at Grobund Factory, which is a community of entrepreneurs and a soon-to-be eco-village.

Rejsevejledning til mødested

Nearest airport: Aalborg Airport

Nearest bus/train station: Ebeltoft Bus Station (Ebeltoft Busterminal)

Meeting point and Time:
12:00 on June 28th.
Kaarsbergvej 2, 8400 Ebeltoft.
It is possible to be picked up at the Ebeltoft Bus Station (Ebeltoft Busterminal). We will arrange it.

Departure Time:
14:00 on July 21st. Departure is flexible if someone has a train or flight to catch. It is also possible to stay extra days if you feel like it.

Arrival at Århus Airport:
From here you take bus no 312 to the meeting point. This trip takes 25 min., though the bus only leaves every 120 min. The price for this ticket is approx 7 euro.

Arrival at Billund Airport:
From the airport, you will take two busses, both leaving every 60 min. The bus trip takes approximately 3 hours and the price for the ticket approx 25 euro.

Arrival at Aalborg Airport:
From the airport, you take a direct train to Århus. The train departs every hour. From there, you take bus no 123 directly to the Ebeltoft Bus Station (Ebeltoft Busterminal). The bus departs every 30 min. The total travel time from the airport to the meeting point will be approximately 4 hours. The travel cost from the airport to the meeting point is approx. 35 Euro.

Arrival at Copenhagen Airport:
From the airport, you take a direct train to Århus. The train departs every 30-60 minutes. From there, you take bus no 123 directly to the Ebeltoft Bus Station (Ebeltoft Busterminal). The bus departs every 30 min. The total travel time from the airport to the meeting point will be approximately 6 hours. The travel cost from the airport to the meeting point is approx. 60 Euro.

Further details on travel arrangements and purchasing of train/bus tickets will be provided in your infosheet after acceptance. If you are not able to make it in time to the meeting point, please consider arriving one day early and booking a hostel.

Yderligere detaljer

We are looking for people who are open-minded, social, and self-motivated. We expect that you treat both nature and others with respect. We do not require any previous experience but value a wide range of competencies. We hope that you are eager to be a part of a team and create an incredible experience for yourself and others.

Please also bring appropriate working shoes and clothes both indoors and outdoors - the style does not matter.


Regarding COVID-19, it is our ambition to complete our Work Camps this summer, but it is essential for us that our volunteers feel safe during the time they spend at our camps. Therefore we constantly keep ourselves updated on the situation and we follow the Danish government's instructions. Furthermore, we are ready to answer any questions that you might have, and we will keep all our volunteers updated right up until the start of the Work Camp. Your Work Camp host will have guidelines on how to handle COVID-19 during your stay, including how to handle isolation and enforcement of government guidelines.

English will be the only language spoken. All participants must be willing to speak English, even though being from the same country or have trouble with the English language. Try your best!

Sustainable Development Goals

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Partnerships to achieve the Goal