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Tanzanie Tanzanie: CARAVAN-1: Tracing the roots of international voluntary service in southern Africa (UV.06-01)


01/07/2024   -   14/08/2024

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EUR 400 i Les frais sont à régler en deux fois:

EUR 150 à payer maintenant.
EUR 250 à payer après confirmation.

Remarque : les frais totaux peuvent varier en fonction des taux bancaires.

Détails sur le projet

18 - 99
Nombre maximum de bénévoles
Encore de la place pour
6 Male + 5 Female
La nourriture végétarienne
Accès avec handicap
Aéroport le plus proche
Dar es Salaam (DAR)
Gare routière/ferroviaire la plus proche


  1. Tanzania phase [Chamazi near Dar es Salaam]
    Music and Arts expressions has been used for ages in various audiences as a vehicle to deliver messages. Its role in human life needs no overemphasis since it affects all aspects of human kind. Music & Arts for community action is expected to bring volunteers with Sustainable development ideas and initiative messages to the society through the universe language of music and arts. This project aims to develop and create meaningful events and performing arts programs embodying development through culture, the natural outcome of creative people collaborating to achieve sustainable development in the world. Through sports, music and arts, the project is expecting to increase awareness of positive use of available resources including our own talents to bring sustainable future. For ten days volunteers will engage in the following activities in Tanzania:-

    o Community action initiative: Using Music and Arts to support ongoing local actions like environmental conservation, education, gender equality and equity, alcoholism and drug abuse, etc.

    o Arts and Music Workshops: Gatherings of project volunteers, Local musicians, artists and other interested members to have a common definition and understanding of what is music, the power of music and arts, Importance of music and arts in our lives. Volunteers are expected to bring information from their own community for sharing during the workshops.

    o Painting for sustainability: drawing images with sustainability messages for exhibition, songs composition, drama and other Arts activities. Volunteers are encouraged to bring paintings or other art works with sustainability messages from their own communities for sharing.

    o Community engagement and Exhibition: Events that are expected to attract good number of community members and people outside the community to share sustainability messages through music and arts exhibitions. This will include local cultural shows and exhibition targeting promotion of International voluntary service for peace, solidarity and sustainable development.

    b) Zimbabwe phase: [Gutsa village]
    The program in Zimbabwe will both in theoretical and practical, the first three days volunteers will undergo a training on transformational leadership decolonization with a strong bias on climate, nature colonization and conflict transformation The volunteer project seeks to mitigate the harmful impacts of climate change. The work will involve varying activities which shall be spread across. This will include but limited to, climate colonization and environmental work around, making tsotso stove, water harvesting dams, Bio fertilizer (Bokashi), and reforestations programs as well as working with people in their respective communities around Gutsa village.

    c) South Africa [Soshanguve, Gauteng, Pretoria ]
    A transformative week volunteer work camp and training event in Soshanguve, Gauteng. Focused on food security and empowering youth, women, and vulnerable populations, we merge Permaculture, Peace-building, social cohesion, and participatory methods. Over the weeks, participants will cultivate a 23m x 8m garden which provides food for children from our community center. This project provides essential skills in sustainable agriculture, imparting knowledge on growing food and understanding climate change challenges. By fostering empathy, unity, and self-sufficiency, we aspire to create lasting change.

Logement et nourriture

Accommodation will be at the community residential house. Basic accommodation facilities like water, electricity and toilets will be available. Rooms will be shared. Food will be provided at the project designated site. Volunteers with special dietary requirements are advised to provide information before arrival. Generally speaking volunteers are not expected to be guest but part of family engaging in all house chaos including food preparation.

Situation, loisirs

Three countries and communities hosting the Camp has diverse features in terms of cultural and natural attractions. We will have time to explore together the best options. For Example in Tanzania we can have; City tour, Historical sites, Visit Mikumi National Park, Swimming and beach activities in Dar es Salaam or Bagamoyo, visit Bongoyo Islands, week end in Zanzibar among many other. More details for Zimbabwe and Southern African to be available in the information sheet.


In the spirit of regional understanding and cooperation three sister voluntary inspired youth organizations namely UVIKUITA (Tanzania), Zimbabwe Work camps Association (ZWA) South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association (SAVWA-South Africa) forged partnership for a regional camp which will last about 40 days starting at Dar es Salaam, moving to Zimbabwe ending in South Africa. The primary objectives of the projects are multiple faceted namely regional integration, south-south youth exchange as well as building prosperous and peaceful Africa through youth empowerment, volunteerism and pan Africa exchange as well as scaling up global, regional, and national actions to meet young people’s needs, realize their rights and tap their possibilities as agents of change.

Itinéraire vers le point de rendez-vous

Chamazi is located about 25km south of Dar es Salaam city Centre. It is accessible by Public transport from all main centers by taking buses going to Mbande Kisewe. Drop off at Mikumi bus stop and walk few meters ahead and on your right side is UVIKIUTA sign. Due to the complex of public transport in Dar es Salaam, volunteers will be picked either at the airport, Bus stations, railway stations or accommodation facility within Dar es Salaam city Centre. Thanks to technology, volunteers can now use UBBER or BOLT apps to locate the venue by designate transport service providers.

Commentaires additionnels

o Once a volunteer is accepted an official invitation letter from us will be issued. Our staff will be available through out to provide support in the process of visa application. Take enough time to apply the since visa process can take long.

o Visas are applied and issued online. Online Visa applicants are advised to make their applications through the official Tanzania Immigration website ONLY or directly through the link: and Not through any other links.

o Who need and who does not need visa to come to Tanzania?


.o Arrival will be Dar es Salaam Tanzania and departure is Johannesburg South Africa unless you have different travel plans.
o Available and ready for adventure travel around three countries
o Interest for outdoor work
o You will spend ten days in each participating country.
o You might need separate visas for other countries after Tanzania phase.
o Open minded and ready to be challenged
o Interested in other cultures and local realities
o Transport cost between the countries/host communities are not covered.

Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Action Sustainable Cities and Communities