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Czech Republic Czech Republic: Back to Nature for Families (SDA402)


24/08/2024   -   31/08/2024

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CZK 1500

Details on the project

5 - 99
Max number of volunteers
Still room for
3 Male + 3 Female
Vegetarian food
Access with disability
Nearest airport
Praha (Prague) (PRG)
Nearest bus/train station
Bus stop: Lesna, Stara Knizeci Hut.


Children and parents will work together when possible (e.g. helping with cooking, collecting wood, harvesting vegetables and gardening). Work will be organized in two groups. The first one will be working in a nature reserve located 3km away from the campsite, their work will consist of mowing grass, raking and collecting grass. Please note that the meadows can be very wet; bring waterproof working shoes (or rubber boots), working gloves, a raincoat and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. The second group will be working on the campsite preparing food, collecting wood, doing maintenance tasks or working in the nearby forest.

Accomodation and food

In tee-pees with a fireplace in the centre. Large families will have their tee-pees; smaller families will share tee-pees. You will sleep on wooden pads and mattresses stuffed with hay. The nights might be very cold, bring a very warm sleeping bag, camping mat and some warm clothes. You will bathe in a small river with cold water next to the campsite, the toilets are dry and outdoors. You will cook together as a group on a fireplace. The food is only vegetarian. You can charge your cell phone with a solar-electricity generator. There is limited phone coverage and no Wifi.

Location and leisure

The campsite is in a remote part of the village of Lesna in the Bohemian Forest near the German border. The nearest bus stop is Stara Knizeci Hut and the nearest bigger town is Tachov. The campsite is located about 30 minutes walk from the nearest bus station.

Hiking in the surrounding countryside. You can visit the ruins of the Zahaji castle or go on trips to the Czech towns in the neighbourhood (e.g. Marianske Lazne). The project is situated on the border with Germany thus a trip to Germany could be an option. Besides, you can try archery, play games, handcraft or experience an Indian sauna. If you have any games, musical instruments or any other activity you could share or teach the group in the campsite conditions, you are welcome to bring them.

Project hosted by

The workcamp is organized in cooperation with EUROSOLAR. EUROSOLAR promotes renewable energies and a sustainable lifestyle; it engages in youth environmental education and organizes environmental summer camps for children, youth and families. The workcamp takes place in a remote but exceptionally beautiful, hilly area of the Bohemian Forest, near the western border of the Czech Republic. The campsite is isolated from civilization and we welcome volunteers who are fond of trying out a basic lifestyle in the forest and do not mind longer walks. The main goal is to help maintain meadows in a nature-protected area, maintain the campsite and enjoy nature. At this workcamp, you will actively contribute to the achievement of UN SDG15 Life on Land.

Directions to meeting point

From the airport take the the trolleybus line number 59 to Nadrazi Veleslavin stop. Change to green metro line A in the direction of Depo Hostivar, get off at “Muzeum” and change to red metro line C in the direction of Letnany, go 1 stop and get off at “Hlavni Nadrazi” stop (main railway station). Take the train IC562 Zapadni Express at 12:23 and get off at Plzen at 13:58. Go to the bus station in front of the train station and T 14:10 take the bus 440251 3 in the direction to “Lesna, Stara Knizeci Hut”. Get off at this last stop at 16:03. The meeting point is at the bus stop. PAY ATTENTION! THIS IS THE ONLY CONNECTION YOU CAN TAKE ON THIS DAY!

Additional comments

Evening discussions about climate, environment, sustainability or recycling. You will have the unique opportunity to try archery, play games and learn how to recognize stars. Also, as you will be living in close contact with nature, you will improve your camping skills and learn a lot about local fauna and flora. You will also be provided with a lot of information about the nature and history of the area.


Fee: 50 EUR/adult, 25 EUR/child. EUROSOLAR is an NGO with limited resources, therefore, we kindly ask participants to contribute to the budget of the workcamp. The fee serves as contributions for meals and administration costs of INEX-SDA. The fee must be covered in advance by a bank transfer to the account of INEX-SDA.

Bring clothes and shoes suitable for work, rubber boots and a raincoat, a warm sleeping bag, a sleeping mat and warm clothes for the night. To reach the workcamp you will take forest paths, therefore you need to pack your stuff in a backpack rather than in luggage. There is a strict no alcohol and drugs policy at the campsite.

This workcamp is for families with children aged 5+ years old (younger children can be accepted after individual consultation), at least one family member must be 18+. We expect participants to be nature lovers, open-minded, flexible and interested in living in an eco-friendly and community way. Every year, there are several children and family-friendly camps organised, so even if the accommodation and facilities are basic, they are suitable for children. Because the work will take place outside, beware of allergies to grass, pollen, insects, etc. On departure day, there are only 1-2 connections from Stara Knizeci Hut to take you back to Prague with arrival in the afternoon/evening, so take that into consideration when planning the trip. The food is traditionally vegetarian and consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

Sustainable Development Goals

Life on Land