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Deutschland Deutschland: Never Forget: Buchenwald (VJF/ESC24 6.3)


18/08/2024   -   31/08/2024

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Details zum Projekt

18 - 30
Maximale Anzahl von Freiwilligen
Immer noch Platz für
Vegetarisches Essen
Nächster Flughafen
Leipzig (LEJ)
Anreise über
bus station the Buchenwald Memorial/ Gedenkstätte Buchenwald


The volunteers will work at the memorial site of the former concentration camp
of Buchenwald. It is located upon a hill around 10 km from Weimar, the city
where Goethe and Schiller worked and lived, but also where the Nazi movement
had already in the 1920’s a lot of supporters. Today the site of the Memorial is at
the same time a cemetery, an evidence for the crimes which were committed in
Buchenwald, a place of grief and commemoration for the victims and a place of
historical and political education and information outside the school-system.
The main project for the practical work will be on the “Buchenwald Railway
Memorial Trail” where you will work for the preservation and maintenance of the
former railway path. In addition, you will take part in a remembrance project
when you produce memorial stones that commemorate children and young
people who were deported to the concentration camp of Auschwitz and
murdered there.

Study part:
The program will focus on the National Socialist history (i.e. on the
concentration camp system, the NS ideology and the NS society) and its effects
and consequences until today. The responsible pedagogical assistant of the
Memorial will show you the remains and history of the former camp, step-bystep, through different tours on the site. Moreover, you will visit exhibitions and
watch documentary movies, and those who would like may work with materials
of the library or the archive. If you like we can deal with the memorialization in
Germany and your countries and exchange country-specific perspectives on
historical events, also on those beyond 1945. Open spaces can be organized for
your interests, for example to discuss current social issues like racism or neofascism. In an excursion you will discover the history of the city of Weimar.

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

You will stay in the International Young People’s Centre, situated on the area of
the former concentration camp. You will have to share the room with 2
volunteers. Sanitary facilities including showers are in the rooms. You do not
need a sleeping bag or bed linen. You can use a washing machine for a small fee.
There is internet access in the accommodation.
More information:

You have the chance to cook and also introduce some dishes from your hometown. So please pack some receipes with you. generally we will cook and prepair the food in the kitchen

Lage und Freizeit

Leisure time:
The free time activities will be decided by the groups interests and wishes. That
depends of course on the group. And this year it also depends on the specific
situation and limitations due to the Corona virus. Weimar is a student and tourist
city and has many leisure facilities. There are some possibilities to go out in
Weimar, such as going to the theatre, exhibitions or to concerts. The city is
famous for its museums of German cultural history, including those about the
famous poets Goethe and Schiller and about the Bauhaus architecture or the
Weimar Republic. There is the possibility of going for walks in the woods, go
swimming etc. In the Youth Center you can also use the Hi-fi and video
equipment and the volunteers can do handicrafts in the arts room. In the building
we have table tennis and table soccer.

Wer organisiert das Projekt?


For this Workcamp it is necessary to have very good English skills as we will get
a lot of information about the time of Second World War!

This project is composed of a volunteering team, supported by the European Solidarity Corps program of the European Union. Compared to the usual workcamp participation scheme, some main financial and administrative differences must be underlined:

ATTENTION PLEASE: This project is open to all volunteers that fit the ESC criteria presented on the ESC webpage:

  • Volunteers do not have to pay any fee (no sending, nor participation fee) to attend the project
  • Volunteers need to enroll in the PASS, the European Solidarity Corps Portal; We will organize your matching in the portal with the volunteering project.
  • Volunteers will receive pocket money, calculated on basis of the rate of our country: 5€/day, once they arrive on the project in Germany
  • Volunteers will receive a financial support for their travel, according to a maximum amount established in accordance with their travel distance and upon the presentation of original tickets.
  • Volunteers will have to complete a participation report, submitted online through the portal.

Please be fully vaccinated (2 to 3 shots of one of the following vaccines: BioNtech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson&Johnson) or recovered (date of infection must be min. 28 days old and max. 90 days old).

Sustainable Development Goals

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