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Groenland Groenland: Camp N 2023 (MS06)


11/07/2023   -   01/08/2023

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Pologne Serbie Danemark


EUR 150

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20 - 60
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1 Male + 2 Female
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Copenhagen (CPH)
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Copenhagen Airport


Greenlandic Children wants Camp N to give the inhabitants a fantastic, creative, active, and interesting summer. The activities will take place Monday through Friday 12.00-18.00, and will fall into these categories: Music, Dance, Singing, Games, Sports, and Excursions. The volunteers will decide which activities to offer during the camp. You should expect long days, and it is expected that you will participate in all activities. On Saturdays, we will invite the entire population to a social event from 18.00-21.00. This could be a night of music and dancing, teaching each other to play an instrument, cooking food from your home country, movie night etc.

Logement et nourriture

Sleeping facilities:
We expect you to stay in a shared bedroom with other volunteers of the same sex. You will stay at the local school where kitchen and bathroom facilities will also be available.

All food will have to be transported by ship. Therefore, you should be able to adapt to these local conditions or bring a small stock of goods yourself. It can be difficult to be vegetarian or vegan since many meals in Greenland are based on meat and fish.

Telephone coverage might be scarce, and the internet connection might be bad. We will make cooking and cleaning teams. The group is responsible for shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. which is also going to take up some of your time every day.

Situation, loisirs

We will fly directly from Copenhagen to Nanortalik – the southernmost town of Greenland.

The travel will consist of a direct flight from Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq and from there a helicopter flight or boatride from Narsarsuaq to Nanortalik. We will know for sure in May.

The route from Narsarsuaq to Nanortalik is very scenic and you will get a front row seat to both stunning mountains and green valleys.

We have been doing work camps every summer since 2014. Greenlandic Children is cooperating with the local community in Nanortalik. Nanortalik is located on the island of Nanortalik at the mouth of the Tasermiut fjord. Nanortalik is the most southern town in Greenland but is still approx. 100 km away northwest from the most southern point, Cape Farewell. The town was founded as a trading post in 1797 but was moved to its current location in 1830. Nanortalik is the smallest of three towns in the Municipality of Kujalleq.

Fishing and catching have long been the main occupation in Nanortalik, but in recent years, occupations such as tourism and mining have grown, as Greenland's only gold mine can be found near Nanortalik. Per On 1 January 2022, there are 1,129 inhabitants in the city, of which 277 are 18 years of age or younger, corresponding to 24.5% of the population.


Greenlandic Children carries out social activities in Greenland and Denmark for Greenlandic children and young people in vulnerable life situations. We work to ensure that no Greenlandic child grows up in poverty, abuse, or neglect. Children must be heard and involved, and many more Greenlandic children and young people must have an education. We emphasize that our efforts are established in close cooperation with local authorities, organizations, professionals, children, and young people and with respect for local culture and language.

Greenlandic Children currently has 10 ongoing projects in Greenland and Denmark and is present in all Greenlandic municipalities, as well as in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Randers and Vejle. The organization has 30 employees and more than 100 volunteers. The projects are financed by public funds, foundations, support, and sponsorship from companies as well as private members and contributors.

HM Queen Margrethe II is our protector, and in 2018 we received the Crown Prince Couple's Social Prize.

Itinéraire vers le point de rendez-vous

Nearest airport: Copenhagen Airport
Nearest bus/train station: Copenhagen Airport

!! Please do not buy your plane ticket to Copenhagen, Denmark, before MS Denmark allows it !!

We will all meet at Copenhagen Airport and travel to Greenland together. There are very few departure dates, and it is important that the group travels together. Your plane tickets will therefore be organized and bought by MS Denmark, whereafter you will transfer the money back. We will provide you with banking details, and you are required to pay for the tickets before May 15th, 2022.

Since the price of tickets is very high, and some volunteers already have an added travels expense for flying to Copenhagen, it has been decided to base the price of tickets on your departure country:
4000 DKK (approx. 540€), if you come from outside of Europe.
6000 DKK (approx. 800€): if you come from Europe (Russia incl.).
8000 DKK (approx. 1075€): if you come from the Nordic Countries: (Denmark, Sweden, Norway)

For example:
If you travel from Italy to Denmark, you are going to receive a discount on your ticket from Denmark to Greenland, as you are already paying for a ticket from Italy to Denmark.

Meeting point and Time:
Greenlandic Children will pay for the first night in Copenhagen, for the people travelling from abroad. We have booked beds in dorm rooms from the 10th to 11th July at Steel House Copenhagen, a central hostel close to the train station and metro.

The meeting point is Copenhagen Airport on the 11th of July around 06.00 in the morning. It is very important that you are at the airport on time.

Travelling in Greenland is often made difficult due to weather, and it is quite possible to get delayed. We recommend you take this into consideration when booking your return flights from Copenhagen. Greenlandic Children will arrange for a night’s stay in a shared hotel room when returning from Greenland.

More detailed information about transportation will be sent to you personally and given in your info sheet after acceptance.

Commentaires additionnels

The average temperatures in Nanortalik in June/July are between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. Therefor it is good to have layers of clothing (inner layers preferably of wool), gloves and headbands.

It is required that you speak English.
The main languages in Nanortalik are Greenlandic and Danish.


To participate in this Work Camp, we require you to provide:

  1. A clean criminal record in English – for Danish volunteers a børneattest is also required

  2. Travel Insurance in English

  3. Documentation of 3 covid-19 vaccinations.

  4. A motivational letter. This letter will be received by our Work Camp host who will determine whether you will be accepted to the camp. Please be aware that there is a response time on your application of 4 working days. In the application, you must answer the following questions:

How can you contribute to the Camp?
What creative-, sporting- and outdoor activities will you be able to lead and initiate, and which will you be able to participate in?
How will you be able to contribute to our cultural evening for the whole city?
What experience do you have with volunteering?
What experiences do you have with working with children and young people?

Sustainable Development Goals

Good Health and Well-being Partnerships to achieve the Goal