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country Germany: 100 years of Workcamps Crew VJF 3.8
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20/11/2020 - 4/12/2020
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2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the international voluntary movement. In 1920, the first international workcamp took place in France where volunteers of different nations that fought each other met to rebuild not only a village, but to also restore international friendship. This year we want to celebrate this important moment with a conference in Berlin taking place 25th-28th of November. It is central to also give youngsters the possibility to help organizing the conference and to have the spirit of workcamps at the place. You will support the preparation (20th -24th), running (25th – 28th of November) and the follow-up (30th of Nov -4th of December) of the conference. This will include preparation of materials, folders, technically support the workshops but also to creatively decorate the place and prepare the party. You will have the chance to meet many interesting people who will participate in the conference. If you want, you can also support the coverage in multimedia by developing a concept for taking videos and pictures of the conference or other creative methods. During the last days, you can finish projects that were developed during the conference.

Kost og logi

20th – 24th of November you will stay in our Projekt- und Begegnungsstätte Krimnitzer Weg in Berlin, a seminar center, in heated bungalows which have a separate bathroom with shower and toilet. Bedsheets and linen will be provided. There is a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. 24th you will move to the Youth Hostel in the center of Berlin where the conference take place until 28th of November: The last days you will again stay at Projekt- und Begegnungsstätte Krimnitzer Weg.

Beliggenhed og fritid

Berlin is the capital of Germany. During the workcamp, you will have time to explore the city. You will be able to enjoy the sights and culture of Berlin and go for an excursion (e.g. Potsdam). Even if there is plenty to do, there will be free-time. The youth hostel, where the conference take place, is centrally located and the ideal starting point for all who want to get to know the pulsating life of Berlin. Free time activities will be decided in accordance with the groups wishes. If you have it you can bring an International Student card (ISIC) to get reductions on local transport, museums, etc.

Arrangeret af

The “Traegerkonferenz der Internationalen Jugendgemeinschafts- und Jugendsozialdienste” is the association of non-profit workcamp organizations in Germany. It brings together around 60 individual organizations. They meet at work meetings at least twice a year and carry out further training for their volunteer and full-time employees. As the organization of international workcamps is at the very center of the work, we want to celebrate the 100th anniversary. A conference to celebrate will be hold in November 2020 in Berlin and you will be part of a support crew as volunteers to manage logistic tasks for organizing this big event in the social sector.


Will be announced later.

Yderligere detaljer

For this Workcamp it is necessary to have very good English skills! We ask the volunteers to make sure that their travel is compatible with the most recent recommendations of health authorities with regards to the spread of the Corona virus. In case you are travelling from or recently travelled through a higher risk area, please check the health recommendations of the country where the project takes place, as restrictions may apply (e.g. ban, quarantine, isolation). We will take the necessary health precautions for our projects, but please contact your sending organisation to get more information in case you have any concerns.


If some volunteers have their own camera and some knowledge about photography or video, it is helpful, but not necessary.

Sustainable Development Goals

Partnerships to achieve the Goal Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
Organisation VJF (Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger e.V.) Alder 18 - 26 Alder
Nærmeste lufthavn/Togstation Will be announced later. Sprog på projektet English
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