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country Spain: Restoration, clean-up and improveme SVIPV01-19
29/07/2019 - 12/08/2019
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16 volunteers
7 Male / 9 female still needed
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The aim of this youth volunteer project is to improve the Pedroko Wetland and the green areas in the surroundings of the Agurain district, including the Oriamendi park, Galzar and numerous streams and rivers. The 184,700 m2 area comprises a large plantation of native plant species surrounding four bodies of water with two islets. There are parts of a perimeter trail, a hill with an observatory and a small car park.

Accomodation and food

The activities to be carried out are: - Count gaps in the vegetation. Define what is missing and mark the locations. - Dig holes to plant at the locations where plants are missing. - Clear watering basins of plants that are in good condition. - Water plants that are in good condition. - Maintain the items installed in the area, mainly the perimeter fence and observatory. - Reposition the windows of the observatory. - Place supports inside the pools. - Restore the car park area and prepare the area for shrub planting with a view to creating a vegetation barrier to act as an impediment to park access. - Maintain the wetlands internal paths and clear the paths from the car park to the observatory and from the access area to the observatory. - Maintain the entry and exit channels of water to the pools, as well as the water channels between them. - Clean and remove waste and invasive plants, if applicable, throughout the work area. - Improve the vegetation on the banks of the pools and replace waterside plants in these areas if necessary. - Work of a similar scale is planned for the parks of Galzar and Oriamendi, in case the objectives set for Pedroko cannot be achieved on legitimate grounds or if the work is completed.

Location and leisure

Location of the work camp: The area of work is mainly the Pedroko Wetland, but work will also be carried out at Galzar and Oriamendi, which are restored natural areas outside the Agurain nucleus. Accommodation: Agurain Municipal Hostel, Galzar street, s/n.

Project hosted by

Agurain City Council.

Meeting point

The meeting point will be on the first day of the camp in Salvatierra-Agurain at 18:00 at the Town Hall. Zapatari street, 15. If you are unable to arrive at the stated time, you must arrive within the following 24 hours; always with good cause and after advising the Department of Youth and Sports of the Basque Government.

Additional comments

Work camp activities will require work and safety material that the organisation of the camp will supply. If any places reserved for overseas volunteers are vacant, the team will be completed with young people from Spain.


People with good knowledge of English, who are interested in Conservation of natural heritage. Any person with the will to work who finds this topic interesting. Participants must also be able to work in a team and enjoy coexisting with and meeting people from other countries.
Organization SVI Instituto de la Juventud Age 18 - 26 Age
Nearest terminal Bus Station of Vitoria-Gasteiz Languages spoken , English
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