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country Spain: Archaeology at the Castro Cantabro SVICB02-19
5/07/2019 - 19/07/2019
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13 volunteers
6 Male / 7 female still needed
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Clean-up activities (grubbing and cleaning up) to better document the fortification buildings. Exploratory and prospecting works of the ground in search of new karstic cavities, cleaning up. Cleaning of the cave of castro, located in the possible acropolis of the settlement. Excavation using archaeological methods in surveys raised previously. Cover Works with soil and geotextile to protect the exhumed remains.

Accomodation and food

Accommodation: Accomodation will be in shared tents or bungalows. Food: Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner are included. Alternative menus for justified reasons are also provided. This option must be specified at the time of booking. There will be a picnic in outings and trips.

Location and leisure

El Monte Cincho is located in the municipality of Santillana del Mar in the autonomous community of Cantabria. It is situated in the western coast of Cantabria. Santillana del Mar is considered a medieval villa and declared a Historic- Artistic Site. Leisure activities: The aim of the complementary activities will be to promote solidarity, coexistence, equality and participation are as follows: - Animation (evenings, group dynamization, etc.). - Different workshops: on cultural heritage of Cantabria, on equality,aims of sustainable development, etc. - Leisure time activities: Climbing, Surfing, walking trails, etc. - Full day excursion to Santander (capital of the autonomous community). - Full day beach touristic, cultural or sport excursion. - Day of coexistence with the local community to make the work done visible.

Project hosted by

Directorate General for Youth and Development Cooperation.

Meeting point

The meeting points are as follows: In the place of accommodation and railway station (FEVE) in Torrelavega on the first day at 6 p.m.
Organization SVI Instituto de la Juventud Age 18 - 30 Age
Nearest terminal - By coach: La Cantabrica Bus Company , Santander-Satillana del Mar line, stop in Santillana del Mar. - By train: There is no railway station in Santillana del Mar. there is a FEVE railway station in the neighbouring town of Torrelavega. Santander-Torrelavega line, stop in Torrelavega. http: - By plane: Santander Airport (Seve Ballesteros) Airlines that fly to Santander Airport: IBERIA ( RYANAIR ( VUELING( VOLOTEA ( On arrival at Santander Airport there are buses travelling to the bus station, which is opposite the railway station. To consult any means of transport in Cantabria: Languages spoken , English
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