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country Spain: Fortaleza de La Mota SVIAN03-19
29/07/2019 - 12/08/2019
Additional host fee EUR 0
13 volunteers
6 Male / 7 female still needed
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- Removal of plants and architectural and developed elements scattered. - Data collection. - Data recording. - Reintegration of structures.

Accomodation and food

School Hostel Simeon Oliver. This residence offers Internet service and WiFi, as well as ta ble games area, table tennis, sports courts, dining room, own kitchen, etc. Villalobos Road s/n (near bus station) Alcala la Real (Jaen). Phone number: +34 953580652. Food: Mediterannean diet.

Location and leisure

- Workshops: photography, costumes, masks, bags of paper and soap making natural products, rhythm and percussion, abseiling and archery. - Gimkanas entertainment and photographic , international and social evenings , medieval festival, cultural leisure activities provided by the city. - Visits to cheese factory. - Visits to manufactures craft beer. - Visits to Granada. - Visits to Cordoba. - Visits to Cave of the Window of prehistorical interest.

Project hosted by

Alcala la Real Town Council.

Meeting point

Young volunteers must arrive at the School hostel Simeon Oliver (Villalobos Road s/n near bus station Alcala la Real. Jaen), on 29th of July, between 10,30 a.m to 19,30 p.m. Phone number: +34 953580652 Camp leader : +34 635155210


Passport or identity card and health car.
Organization SVI Instituto de la Juventud Age 18 - 26 Age
Nearest terminal Bus station with service to Jaen, Granada and Cordoba. The Companies Contreras, Alsina Graells Languages spoken , English
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