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country Spain: Requesens: Caprice or Castle? II ES-CAT 12.7
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16/07/2019 - 30/07/2019
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1. Recovery of the rooms, leaving them ready for the visitor's access 2. Recovery and cleaning of noble paintings 3. prepare the exhibition hall (carpentries + paintings) 4. Prepare medieval tower. 5. Remove material from the cave 6. Remove flower stoves and leave living stone in front of the hospital. 7. Guided tours: support to the guided visits of visitors to the Castle 8. Recording of audio guides with the different languages from the text in English It will be from 7 am to 12 pm or 8 am to 1 pm. It will be agreed on with the volunteers based on the weather.

Kost og logi

Sleeping: interior with mattresses on the floor. Showers: outside Toilets: 2 (no sink). Electricity: no electricity will be available in the rooms, the nearest plug is 30 'on foot. Mobile coverage: full availability. Ideal solar chargers for regular daily consumption. The volunteers will have to prepare the food. A purchase at the beginning of the camp will be made for food + 2 purchases per week for the fresh things. You need to bring a backpack bag, comfortable shoes for walking, plate, spoon, fork, knife (it will be offered a discovery trekking)

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We want to carry out this volunteer workcamp to support the rehabilitation of the Castle of Requesens and highlight the historical significance of the area.

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The local organization makes a big effort to make volunteers involved on the local culture, so there are several activities planned with that goal: cultural tours, visits to natural sites, the first weekend there will a visit to the Jonquera area with the MUME and part of the exile route. On the second weekend - will make a walking route to the beach following the GR-11. Cantallops is a very small urban nucleus (around 300 inhabitants). It is the last village before going to the Castle site. In Cantallops there is a very active local association (squirrel and fork) that organizes family activities in nature with whom we will make a brotherhood encounter. There are also 2 wineries that will share with us the secrets of making quality wine!


Motivation letter is required. No archaeological experience or knowledge in heritage, history and territory is required, but any prior knowledge is welcome.
Organisation SCI Catalunya Alder 18 - 30 Alder
Nærmeste lufthavn/Togstation Sprog på projektet English
1 (Antal sider: 1)