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country France: PNR VERCORS – Following the Bourne CONCF-271
16/09/2020 - 30/09/2020
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*** VERSION EN FRANCAIS DISPONIBLE EN FIN DE DESCRIPTION *** *** French version at the end of the description *** Come to discover a prestigious itinerary of 28 km, which follows the Bourne River from Saint-Nazaire en Royans to Rencurel by connecting with the North of Vercors. Participate to the valorisation of the heritage elements of this majestic site that are the Gorges de la Bourne. Water is a constituent element of this part of the region: it has contributed to shape it, has participated in its development and is a unifying element from a natural and touristic point of view. With this long-term project, the Regional Natural Park of Vercors wishes to meet several objectives: re-beautify the crossing of Georges de la Bourne, valorising the natural, geological, historical and economical heritage related to the river and to facilitate the interpretation of landscapes and heritage. As a participant of this workcamp, you will help the Park to reach its objectives. As a group, you will follow the river’s path on 4 municipalities and you will carry out missions of cleaning, brushing, pruning and consolidation of the small walls bordering the river. This workcamp doesn’t require any specific skills. Your motivation and your interest in nature enhancement will be your main assets.

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

During this itinerant workcamp, you will be accommodated indoor in a communal lodging in the middle of the commune Pont en Royans, well known for its suspended houses over the Bourne River. You will have at your disposal collective rooms equipped with beds (think about bringing your sleeping bag with you), as well as common spaces where you will cook together, eat and relax. The toilettes and the showers are individual. You will organise together the collective life (cleaning, activities...) and you will participate alternately in the preparation of the meals. We will encourage the buying of local products and we will promote the principles of the local economy. Tastings of regional products are also possible at the local producers.

Lage und Freizeit

Pont-en-Royans (around 800 inhabitants) is a dynamic commune with plenty of cultural and touristic activities. You will have the opportunity to discover the suspended houses which are a real heritage’s curiosity, to visit the museum of water, to swim at the specially equipped leisure centre on the banks of the Bourne River and to discover the Caves of Choranche. Nearby, you will also have the opportunity to go hiking and discover the natural landscapes of Royans and Vercors.

Wer organisiert das Projekt?

For more than 15 years, Concordia is working in partnership with the Regional Natural Park of Vercors. This year, the Park celebrates its 50th anniversary and Concordia its 70th anniversary. Come to participate at this double anniversary and at a project with an important impact for the local community. You will be accompanied by the camp leaders from Concordia and supported by the Eco-Rangers from the Park, who are involved constantly in the management of natural places in Vercors.



Weitere Infos

Bring with you working gloves, warm clothes and shoes that you will not be afraid of getting dirty. Don’t forget your sleeping bag. In your backpack, bring also adapted clothes to rainy weather and hiking (sweaters, fleeces, raincoats…). Hiking shoes are useful for discovering the region. Think also about bringing solar protection (hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen cream) and a swimming suit. The free time activities will be programmed with your camp leaders according to your wishes. If you want to share a little bit of your culture (recipes, folk stories, and interesting objects) don’t hesitate to take with you a little bit of your country in your backpack! *** RETROUVEZ NOS DESCRIPTIFS EN FRANCAIS ICI: *** *** French version here: ***
Organisation Concordia France Alter 17 - 99 Alter
Nächster Flughafen Pont-en-Royans (served by a departmental bus line from Grenoble bus station) Projekt-Sprache(n) English
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