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country Belgium: GRIMM CBB07
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8/08/2020 - 22/08/2020
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12 volontaires (6Male / 6female places libres)
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Assisted by local technical leaders, the volunteer group will realize different manual tasks outdoor in order to improve the surroundings and make it enjoyable for the numerous nature lovers (when the weather is nice). The first task you’ll be doing is building a bridge above a small brook and renovating a rural wash house. If you work fast, several other smaller tasks can be done, such as renovate a protection wall, two small fountains… You will most likely also contribute to the maintenance of the work done during previous workcamps, a very nice way to connect with those who came before you! BEWARE: This workcamp is based on manual and outdoor tasks which might be sometimes hard.

Logement et nourriture

Accommodation can be compared to a boarding school (Saint François complex): a corridor with double bedrooms; toilets and showers are at the same floor. No smoking inside. Self-catering. Bring your recipes to enjoy ‘kitchen life’! A big barbecue will be organized at the beginning and at the end of the camp.

Situation, loisirs

Marche-en-Famenne is a city in the countryside and it is also home town of CBB! You can find everything here: schools, supermarkets, industries… But still, it is surrounded by woods, fields and small villages where the life rhythm remains rural. Liège, Namur, Brussels and Luxembourg can be easily reached by train in about one to two hours. For more information see:


The Marche-en-Famenne workcamp is the outcome of the collaboration between municipal authorities and a local non-profit organization. More than fifteen years ago, the mayor and deputies wanted to improve international contact for the local youngsters. At that time GRIMM association had just begun the work on the protection of the local life and promoting models of sustainable development. Their members had many ideas but were short-handed to realize them. Then, they came to the idea of involving volunteers from all over the world. Ever since then, the municipality makes their facilities available every summer and welcomes youngsters from all around the world. GRIMM members organize the work, with the help of volunteers, so they are finally able to realize the projects they have dreamt about. Their actions are based on the following philosophy: Nature belongs to everyone. And if each of us is to enjoy it, it has to be protected. They have been organizing workcamps for 15 years!!! Your help will ensure the renovation and improvement of the rural landscape of Marche-en-Famenne (UN SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities, UN SDG 15 Life on land). Watch this video -> Their website:

Point de rendez-vous

The 8th of August at Marche-en-Famenne train station at 3.00pm.

Commentaires additionnels

BEWARE: This workcamp is based on manual and outdoor tasks which might be sometimes hard. The working place is not the same as the accommodation place so volunteers will leave the town every day. Sleeping in town, working in the countryside.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Cities and Communities Life on Land
Organization Compagnons Bâtisseurs Belgium Âge 18 - 99 Âge
Aéroport/gare internationale le/la plus proche Marche-en-Famenne train station or bus stop (shuttle service from the airport) Langues parlées English , French
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