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country Switzerland: ALP SUMMER WS20SCH02
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10/10/2020 - 31/10/2020
Additional host fee CHF 30
4 volunteers (2Male / 2female still needed)
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Every year, there is a lot of work to be done in the botanical garden. The Volunteers will support the gardener in his daily work. The main work will include haying, weeding, preparing wood and cutting the lawn. Interested Volunteers should be physically strong and interested in agricultural and garden work. It is important to know that all the flowers are very sensitive and protected, only experts can deal with those plants. Work is six hours a day, two days per week are off. Volunteers will receive food and lodging.

Accomodation and food

Volunteers will sleep in the hotel in small staff-rooms. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided from the personal canteen. In the hotel there will be ordinary holiday guests, the Volunteers will stay in the personal flat and spend the time together and with the employees of the hotel.

Location and leisure

Set in an exceptionally beautiful bowl of mountains Davos is the highest town in Europe at 1560 meters. In Davos there is the world class ice hockey, cross country skiing and ice skating. In the traditional hotel Schatzalp you enjoy a glorious panoramic view across the valley. The Volunteers will have the chance to see an incredibly beautiful part of Switzerland.

Project hosted by

For nature lovers, who are interested in garden and agriculture work! - In the beautiful region of Davos (Schatzalp) there is the „Alpinum”, a huge botanical garden in the mountains. An association was founded to support this garden and to save some rare species and the nature over there for the next generations. In this botanical garden guests can find many rare plants and about 5000 different types of species and cultivars. The group of Volunteers consists of five people. It’s a project with Campleader.


The motivation of the volunteers has to be very high to work outdoors and it can be physically demanding. That’s why a MOTIVATION LETTER is required. Volunteers should bring along warm, robust working clothes (water proofed), trekking shoes (suitable for the mountains). Punctuality is very important for this work. Smoking during the work is not allowed. The Workcamp is open to 1 – 2 refugees.
Organization Workcamp Switzerland Age 18 - 35 Age
Nearest terminal Davos Languages spoken English
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