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country Portugal: ECOMANUELA PT-IPJ 10.8
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30/08/2021 - 10/09/2021
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17 volunteers (8 Male / 9 female still needed)
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- Ecological training; - Control of alien invasive species;- Beneficiation of local fauna, flora, and landscape;- Creation of natural structures for cleaning a wildlife pond;- Plogging, cleaning of pathways; waste removal;- Construction of structures for environmental inclusion of people with special needs;- Valorization of local cultural heritage though workshops;- Encouragement of international exchange and exchange of experience;- Presentation and discussion of the natural and social reality of the regions of origin of the participants;- Promotion of environmentally and socially responsible attitudes and values;- Development of action-training actions focused on individual and collective learning.

Accomodation and food

Participants will sleep in a school in Lousada, in shared rooms with sleeping mattresses. There will be separated rooms for boys and for girls. The complex has sports locker rooms with hot water showers also separated by gender. Participants have to bring their own towels and hygiene products. The organization will provide breakfasts, lunches, break snacks, and dinners. Lunches and dinners are prepared/cooked by the municipalitys staff and served at the sports complex canteen, but some lunches will be served in the field (sandwiches, fruits, etc.).

Location and leisure

Lousada in oPorto District

Project hosted by

This camp integrates the Municipality of Lousadas sustainability agenda, which includes many environmental projects, always in cooperation with local communities. This camp will be organized by a team of biologists experienced in both science and animation. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about environmental management and nature conservation, and engage in conservation-training activities including cleaning and ecological restoration in some parts. We will build environmental structures for social inclusion, such as natural amphitheatres and sensorial trails. Volunteers will also get to see and learn about our flora and fauna, local culture, food, rural landscape, etc

Meeting point



Music and food from your region, working clothes and shs, sun screen, hat, a presentation on the nature of your region, towels and all needed hygiene products.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Organization Instituto Portugues do Desporto e Juventude Age 18 - 30 Age
Nearest terminal - Languages spoken English
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