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country Finland: WINTERTIME 2020 ALLI02
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16/02/2020 - 28/02/2020
Additional host fee EUR 190
12 volunteers
3 Male / 0 female still needed
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The school surroundings need maintaining so the volunteers will work with seasonal tasks indoors and outdoors. The volunteers can join the winter activities and chores. Please note that this is not a traditional work camp and the tasks vary by the season.

Accomodation and food

Accommodation will be in dormitory, meals provided. There are possibilities for various creative and other activities. You can try some typical Finnish winter activities. Sauna is also available.

Location and leisure

Punkaharju is located in eastern Finland near Savonlinna and it takes about four hours by train from Helsinki. The school is situated in a location of superb natural beauty, right on the magnificent Punkaharju ridges surrounded on both sides by lakes. The area offers excellent opportunities for nature and outdoor activities. The volunteers can also attend some Finnish language and culture lessons as well as do excursions to local sights.

Project hosted by

The host organization Ikko is a modern, non-political and non-religious folk high school offering both general and vocational education for Finnish and international students and groups throughout the year. They also host special target groups such as students with special needs as well as young asylum seekers.


The volunteers need travel insurance for the duration of their stay. Extra fee: 200 euros
Organization ALLIANSSI YOUTH EXCHANGES Age 18 - 99 Age
Nearest terminal Punkaharju Languages spoken English , English
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